Nicole Shonkwiler

Children's Minister

Nicole, her husband Jeff, and her three children (Brock, Trey, and Jeffrey) have been attending CCC since its inception in 2001. When the need for a Children’s Minister arose in 2005, Nicole stepped in and eventually became our full-time Children’s Minister. Children’s Ministry at Coryell Community Church is not babysitting - Nicole’s passion for helping kids discover Jesus and use what they learn about Him in their everyday lives is evident in every aspect of her ministry here. 

Favorite Restaurant: Olive Garden - where Jeff and I had our first date.
Favorite Book: Any type of book that tells of real life experiences where people have persevered.
What celebrity should play you in the bio-pic of your life? Reba McEntire should play me, of course. She is full of spunk and fire!
On Sunday you can find me: Running around Jungleland and Kid’s Street like a chicken with no head.  If you see me in the foyer and I don’t speak, it’s not personal. I am usually on a mission!