local missions partners

Central Texas Hospitality House

Our mission is to meet the spiritual and practical needs of the families of prisoners. In order to accomplish this, the Central Texas Hospitality House (CTHH) goal is to become a bridge of trust between the prisoners, their families, and the churches of the community. All of these are important to keeping recidivism from occurring, as well as preventing children from following the same mistaken path as their parents.

Tri-Rivers Association/Coryell Baptist Association

The purpose of the Tri-Rivers Baptist Area shall be to awaken and stimulate the affliated churches involvement in Evangelism, Christian Development, Benevolent work, and to cultivate Fellowship and cooperation among the churches.  We are convinced that the local churches are first in the advancement of the Kingdom of God.  The Tri-River Baptist Area Mission is to assist these churches in reaching their objectives and goals as they follow the vision that God has given them.

Gatesville Care Center

The Gatesville Care Center is located at: 105 N 7th St, Gatesville, TX 76528. Join us in praying for them!

Hope House - Drug Rehabilitation

It is our mission to bring men, bound by the chains of addiction out of bondage: Introducing them to Jesus Christ.

Various Ft. Hood Ministries

Want to know more about the many ministries we are involved in, at Fort Hood? Contact Us!