Wednesdays | 5:45-7:00pm

Greenhouse is a place for adults to come and learn more about God. It gets its name because, just like many plants grow within a greenhouse, we have several options for adults to grow within our church.

During this Greenhouse Session, we are offering:

Adults will meet in the Sanctuary for Louie Giglio's "Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table"

In this video Bible study, bestselling author and pastor Louie Giglio unpacks Psalm 23 to offer insight into how to overcome the enemy's lies and find peace and spiritual security in any circumstance or situation.

God has prepared a table for you. It's set with a banquet of peace, clarity, and purpose. But Satan is constantly looking for an invitation, seeking to fill your mind with distractions, fear, worry, insecurity, anxiety, temptation, doubt...
It's an ongoing battle. But you can learn how to protect your mind from unhealthy thoughts and experience rest and nourishment at God's table.

The Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table study (DVD/digital video sold separately) offers biblical insight on how to:
  • Cancel the lies that will wreck your life and take the empowering steps to live fully alive in Christ
  • Restore peace and rest in your life by taking authority over your thoughts
  • Break free from the endless cycle of destructive thinking and recapture your emotions
  • Embrace the true purpose behind your journey through challenging circumstances

Sessions include:
  1. The Table Before Us
  2. The Tactics of the Enemy
  3. The Battle for Our Mind
  4. The Path to Victory
  5. God’s Invitation Always Stands
  6. In the Presence of Our Enemies

You can find freedom from the battles in your mind if you allow Jesus, the Good Shepherd, to lead the battle. Learn how to find encouragement, hope, and strength no matter what valleys you face.
For those who would rather get their hands dirty, CCC is offering "We Serve", a chance for you to help build up our church and community. You'll serve alongside other volunteers of all ages for various work projects around the church and throughout Gatesville.
Re:Connect is an opportunity for our kids and youth to meet up with friends, unwind from school, and refill their spiritual tanks through fellowship and Bible Study. Each Greenhouse Session will focus on a different study that enriches your kids lives and draws them into a deeper walk with Jesus.

Re:Connect starts at 5:45 and includes a free meal for each kid who attends.

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