Every person needs a church that they call home and one of the ways you can claim CCC as your church home is by becoming a member. Once a quarter we offer a new members lunch to explain what CCC is all about. While you enjoy a delicious meal, we will present our beliefs, core values and ministries so that you can better understand the heartbeat of this community. After lunch you are free to make the best decision for you and your family without any pressure.

Please accept our invitation to join us at the next new member lunch!

Before you become a member:


You must be a believer or become one in order to join the church. You also need to be baptized. We baptize by immersion because we believe the word baptize in the original means to dip, dunk or immerse in water and is the only way death, burial and resurrection can be pictured. While we do not require you to be immersed, we do believe it is the Biblical way of baptism. If you haven’t been baptized and would like to, please contact our church office for further information.

 If you are coming from another church, you can come on promise of a letter which will state that you are in good standing in that church and verify your membership in that church.

 You must attend a new member’s lunch in order to join because we want you to know what the church is all about before committing. At the lunch you will be given a church covenant to sign. We welcome you and will receive you warmly!

For more information contact Eloise