We believe growth best happens in community.

Coryell Community Church offers two ways to get connected

Life Groups

Life Groups are the heartbeat of biblical community at Coryell Community Church. While attending a Sunday service is the first step to growing at CCC. We hope that everyone would eventually seek involvment in a Life Group. Life Groups are designed to be a safe and comfortable environment where the Bible is studied, friendships start, and biblically based discussion occurs. Our hope is that everyone involved in a Life Group would grow in their faith, gain knowledge of God and His Word, love those around them, and share with others their faith in Jesus Christ.

Life Group Connect

Each year in September our church hosts an event called Life Group Connect. At this event, our Life Group leaders make themselves available to meet anyone wanting to ask questions or to join a Life Group. 

A Glimpse

Life Groups meet two to four times per month for one to two hours. Each group meets in a home rather than exclusively at church. CCC offers Life Groups for couples, men, women, young adults, as well as for junior high and high school students. The time spent in Life Group centralizes around a biblical study found on RightNow Media, from our church’s resources, directly from the Bible, or through another study chosen by the group’s leader.

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